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Rangeley North Subdivision

Now Building Lots #101-105, Lot #91

Lot #100: Small Ranch ~SOLD

Lot #101: Modern Farmhouse ~SOLD

Lot #102: Classic 2 Story ~Available

Lot #103: Small 2 Bed/1 Bath porch ~Available

Lot #104: Customer Design ~SOLD

Lot #105: 1050 SF Ritz-Craft Modular ~Available

Lot #91: 700 SF Cabin ~Available

The Rangeley North Subdivision

Sweeping mountain views.

Nestled in the northern corner of Rangeley, Maine.

5-25 minutes from everything Rangeley has to offer: Saddle Back Mountain, Appalachian trail, Lake

The Journey: Rangeley North Subdivision

June 2018

July 2020 

October 2020

Beautiful acres purchased with a vision to create Rangeley North Subdivision.

The design was approved! 

Breaking Ground: Phase one of the road completed and lots "roughed out."

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